Show Off Academy offer customised training packages in all extension methods of application, including our signature 'Flat Track Weft' which is increasing in popularity and by far the most superior method to offer your clients.

Our in depth training will cover all aspects of growing your business by entering into the rapidly growing extension market. You will learn how to market and expand your brand, give you the tools to promote sales and client retention and give you that edge that will separate you from the masses. 

Flat track weft extensions have recently surged in the Adelaide Market, our salon was the first to offer this method in SA back in 2013 and continue to be the specialists of this method and we want to share our trade secrets with you! The method originates from the UK and is quick, painless and low maintenance for your clients and will ensure your clients keep coming back.

Show Off Academy offers customised training for your salon in all extension application methods, including our signature method the flat track weft from a certified trainer.

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Our weft method is an adaption of the braided weft which originated in the UK. The braided weft was designed for women of African American decent and is not suitable for Caucasian hair as the cuticle is not thick/strong enough to hold the braids - thus the Flat Track Weave method was born! 


More supportive, flatter and evenly distributed weight of your extensions means a safer, longer wear = less maintenance.


The method involves a micro bead track which is installed using a special threading system, upon which the wefts are sewn securely. If done correctly the wefts stay flat, hidden and last for months!


They are highly recommended for women who are new to extensions as they are so easy to maintain, as well as all women of different thicknesses. Installations are customised for each client, to ensure placement is safe and damage free. 

Show Off Academy specialises in weft applications of all kinds, as we understand that not one size fits all when it comes to our clients and having the knowledge behind whats available will assist your salon in having a competitve edge against the other salons offering only one method. 



Our courses are not a one size fits all and course content can be structured to suit your salon and clientele. We will not only go through the theory behind all the available hair extension methods but also offer training in several applications of weft extensions. These methods include:

- The Flat Track WefT

- The Invisible Weft

- The Microweft

- The LA Weft

We also will discuss the different types of wefts  and their best suited uses/applications, including:

- Machine Weft

- Flat Weft

- Handtied Weft

- Custom made Weft

Our Course also provides you advice on tried and tested brands, the pro's and cons of different origin hair and all the business advice and information you need to be confident and knowledgable. After your training we offer FREE mentor sessions as part of all our classes to ensure we tackle any troubleshooting/issues you are having to help refine your technique. Our courses are designed to form relationships with our trained salons and want our students to be the best in their field. 


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Ready to take your salon profits to the next level with our Flat Track application method? All upcoming dates are available through the 'Book Now' button under each course, as our classes are 1-on-1 if you see another dates available for another course we can also offer date swaps on request (subject to availability)


If you cannot find a date that suits please contact us via the link below with preferred dates and our Course Coordinator will be in touch.